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Renewable energy sources are the future, which is why we supply photovoltaic modules, heat pumps, inverters and car chargers to installation companies and contractors. GRETO is an authorized partner of photovoltaic panel manufacturer JA Solar and an authorized distributor of Hyundai Energy Solutions and AE Solar, Gree heat pumps, Wallbox and Teison car chargers, TSun fire switches and SolaX inverters.

We have already been trusted by hundreds of companies throughout Poland. We sell our photovoltaic modules in containers and pallet quantities directly from the manufacturers.

Dettagli Aziendali
Quantita' minima ordinabile (units) 1 pallet
Copertura del Servizio Austria, Ceca, Estonia, Ungheria, Lituania, Latvia, Ucraina, Slovacchia, Slovenia, Polonia
Lingue parlate Inglese, Polish, Cinese
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  • JAM60S20 365-3...
    JA Solar Monocristallino
  • JAM72S20 445-4...
    JA Solar PERC
  • HiE-S410-420SI
    Hyundai Energy ... PERC
  • JAM72D20 440-4...
    JA Solar Bifacciale, PERC
  • JAM60S21 365-3...
    JA Solar PERC
  • JAM54S30 390-4...
    JA Solar PERC
  • HiE-S390-400VG
    Hyundai Energy ... PERC
  • HiE-S470-480VI
    Hyundai Energy ... PERC
  • AE MC-144 440-...
    AE Solar PERC


  • X1 Mini
    SolaX Power In Griglia
  • X1 Air
    SolaX Power In Griglia
  • X1 Boost
    SolaX Power In Griglia
  • X3-Hybrid HV (...
    SolaX Power Ibrida
  • X3-Mega (4MPPT)
    SolaX Power

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Greto Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Kaprów 5,

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