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  • Data Inizio: 21 ago 2023 Data Fine: 23 ago 2023
    Luogo: Vancouver, Canada Canada Numero d'edizioni precedenti: 10
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    ICCE2023 will provide a forum to exchange information, present new technologies and developments, and discuss the future direction, strategies and priorities in the field of clean/green and renewable energy. ICCE2023 is dedicated to exploring recent development in the energy field in interactive way by gathering researchers, scientists, engineers, practitioners and policy makers, from all over the world. ICCE2023 provides an excellent platform to meet existing colleagues and to greet new delegates.

    ICCE conference is a well attended conference being held annually since 2012 and has attracted participants from more than 60 countries from every continents. All papers submitted to ICCE has been published in the ICCE conference proceedings since 2012 and selected papers were published in the conference journals.
  • Data Inizio: 02 mar 2023 Data Fine: 04 mar 2023
    Luogo: Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesia Numero d'edizioni precedenti: 6
    Espositori: 650 Visitatori: --
    The resounding big success of Solartech Indonesia 2019 and the huge potential of Indonesia Solar Power Market, the 7th edition of Solartech Indonesia 2020 from 26-28 August 2020 at the JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta will be expanded up to 35% of exhibition area. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with INALIGHT 2020, Electrical Building Indonesia 2020, Battery Indonesia 2020, Smart Home & City 2020 and Cable & Wire Indonesia 2020 to serve as one of the ASEAN's most prospective one-stop exhibitions for solar power, energy storage, lighting, smart city technology, cable and electrical equipment under one roof. This is an opportunity not-to-be missed by the key industry players and key decision makers to network as well as explore their business.
  • Data Inizio: 26 apr 2023 Data Fine: 28 apr 2023
    Luogo: Odessa, Ucraina Ucraina Numero d'edizioni precedenti: 4
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  • Data Inizio: 19 set 2023 Data Fine: 21 set 2023
    Luogo: Lagos, Nigeria Nigeria Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
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  • Data Inizio: 12 apr 2023 Data Fine: 14 apr 2023
    Luogo: Daegu, Corea del Sud Corea del Sud Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
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    AgriVoltaics2023 - the fourth edition of our conference and only the second one to be held on site! - will take place in April 12-14, 2023, as a hybrid event in Daegu, Korea and online.

    The AgriVoltaics2023 conference will be organized in collaboration with our local host Yeungnam University and our 2023 conference chair Prof. Jae Hak Jung, supported by our scientific committee chair Prof. Soo-Young Oh.

    We are looking forward to bringing our conference to Asia for the first time!

    South Korea is a multifaceted country with lively high-tech cities, charming rural areas with traditional Buddhist temples, and a world-renowned pop culture. A technological forerunner, the country offers exceptional high-speed internet, an outstanding high-speed railway network and - most importantly - a growing agrivoltaics market in a country aiming for a 35% share of renewable electricity generation by 2040.
  • Data Inizio: 14 giu 2023 Data Fine: 16 giu 2023
    Luogo: Munich, Germania Germania Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
    Espositori: 280 Visitatori: --
    EES Europe, Europe's largest exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems, is the industry hotspot for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and users of stationary and mobile electrical energy storage solutions. It takes place annually in conjunction with Intersolar Europe, the world's largest exhibition for the solar industry, in Munich, Germany.

    Covering the entire value chain of innovative battery and energy storage technologies – from components and production to specific user applications – the ees Europe is the ideal platform for all kinds of stakeholders in the rapidly growing energy storage market. The focus at ees Europe is on energy storage solutions suited to energy systems with increasing shares of renewable energy sources.
  • Data Inizio: 20 gen 2023 Data Fine: 22 gen 2023
    Luogo: Chennai, India India Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
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  • Data Inizio: 23 feb 2023 Data Fine: 25 feb 2023
    Luogo: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tanzania Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
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    The overwhelming response from the Solar Industry has encouraged Expogroup to launch Solar Africa Exhibition, to be held concurrently with P&E Africa.

    The region offers tremendous opportunities to suppliers worldwide, having among the strongest solar resources in the world. In particular, the region offers excellent potential for concentrated solar power (CSP) and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems.

    Many African countries are currently exploring the use of solar and other renewables, using tenders (or PPAs) as the vehicle for expansion. As incentives in Europe decrease, project developers and investors are keenly interested in deploying solar technologies in Africa. Vast rural areas produce high demand for solar electrification.

    Power grids in rural Africa currently tend to be powered by diesel generator sets often running 24 hours each day. While relatively cheap to buy, speedy to install and simple to use, these diesel generator sets burn a lot of fuel, push out CO2 and require a lot of refueling and maintenance. Rising diesel prices and environmental concerns are therefore driving grid operators to reconsider their offering and reduce emissions.
  • Data Inizio: 06 apr 2023 Data Fine: 08 apr 2023
    Luogo: Istanbul, Turchia Turchia Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
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    Solar Energy and Technologies Fair “Solarex Istanbul” - our country’s first and only solar energy themed fair- is fair which provides a chance for Turkey to take important steps in the direction of being a production centre in the field of solar energy. Being a commercial platform where the latest technologies in the world in the field of solar energy and new products produced in Turkey are presented altogether, “International Solar Energy and Technologies Fair” has the characteristics of being an organization in which sector’s leading firms and representatives meet. The fact that there is a fair focusing on that subject in Turkey -recognized as one of the most sunny countries- draws intense interest from various world brands which are recognized worldwide and willing to make investments in Turkey.

    Our country, the sunbathing area of which is quiet high, has been supported with “Solarex Istanbul” fair in terms of turning this geographical feature into an advantage. Going towards a fast-developing participant mass in Turkey and being highly remarkable for Middle East and Asia markets; “Solarex Istanbul” is a fully-established organisation and it keeps growing with intense interest of foreign participants. “Solarex Istanbul” aims at telling the importance of clean energy both to participant firms and to the visitors with the seminars planned.

    The fair is comprised of various different activities, which visitors will participate in, as well as the symposiums and firm conferences. Sector’s leading organizations is illuminating the sector with the seminars during the fair, where seminars are conducted especially in the field of financing, investment and production. All the members of sector come together in the fair, where world solar energy’s CEOs, senior managers, purchasing directors, manufacturers, consumers, academicians, students and domestic and foreign representatives of solar energy sector take part. A new platform, where sector collaborates with Solarex Istanbul and which puts solar energy together with industrialists, has been emerging.
  • Data Inizio: 10 ott 2023 Data Fine: 12 ott 2023
    Luogo: Breukelen, Paesi Bassi Paesi Bassi Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
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    Vakbeurs Energie is the largest energy exhibition of its kind in the Netherlands. It is the place-to-be for energy professionals, whether it concerns a specific improvement or an integral approach, from reducing energy consumption to stricter purchasing policies.

    ★ Sustainable use of energy: a necessity

    Cutting energy costs reaps rewards in the long run. Energy-efficient buildings hold their value better and are easier to let. Lower production costs push up margins and make companies more competitive.

    ★ Energie & Industrie

    Energie & Industrie is the platform for renewable energy and saving energy in the industry.

    ★ Ecomobiel

    Interested in sustainable mobility and mobility management? Pleasetake a look at Ecomobiel, which takes place at the same time and place as Vakbeurs Energie.