The 12th Iran International Renewable Energy, Lighting & Energy Saving Exhibition

The 12th Iran International Renewable Energy, Lighting & Energy Saving Exhibition

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Data Inizio
21 feb 2020
Data Fine
24 feb 2020
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

The 12th Iran International Renewable Energy, Lighting & Energy Saving Exhibition will be held on 21-24 Feb., 2020 in International Tehran permanent fairground. The fair is an important event on promoting in two major issues of the day; Efficient use of energy protection. The exhibition will display the most innovative products and the most advanced technologies in this field. The Iran International Renewable Energy, Lighting & Energy Saving Exhibition is an ideal opportunity for foreign businesses to develop and expand their activities in Iran. The trade fair is also a successful platform for exchanging information and experiences between participants. The exhibition is intended to bring together industry leaders once again to exhibit the latest achievements. This significant event which is also the greatest exhibition of its own kind in Iran will enhance your profile and create great opportunities for interactions among participants and your company.

Ⅱ. Exhibitor Profile:

1. Environment zone goals:

• Fuel optimization and renewable and clean energy generation
• Urban Transportation Management
• Preservation of natural resources
• Recycling industries and suppliers of its products
• Fuel consumption optimization
• Standardization of vehicles and relevant industries
• Forestry
• Fishery
• Greenhouse gas emission control technologies
• Urban services management
• Measurement equipment and lab technologies
• Air, Water and Sound pollution control technologies
• Production of Environment Friendly products
• Filtration
• Water and Wastewater treatment
• Production of organic products
• Waste management
• Consulting engineering services on environmental areas

2. Energy saving zone goals:

1. Renewable energies: Wind power, solar power, photovoltaic, power generation from biogas, energy from biomass, power generation from urban waste, geothermal power, hydrogen energy
2. Conservation of energy and energy resources: • Oil conservation • Reduction of coal consumption • Gas conservation • Industrial energy conservation • Energy conservation in the building industry • Energy conservation in transport • Saving water • Management, analysis and consulting for energy conservation: presentation of energy-saving methods, products and technologies
3. Lighting (New Generation): Energy Saving lamps, LED
4. Environmental protection: Particulate elimination, purification of flue gas, noise protection, reduction of engine emissions, treatment and recycling of industrial waste
5. Waste technology and recycling: Rubber, glass, plastic, newspapers, construction waste, organic waste, waste recycling
6. Measuring, monitoring and laboratory-technology

Ⅲ. Why Exhibit:

• An Entry gate to Iran Environment sector
• Face to face interaction with authorities and decision makers
• Improving interaction with customers acquiring new customers in Iran Great number of visitors
• A bright opportunity for technology suppliers and seekers
• Extensive information about advanced Products
• Great number of visitors

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