The 3rd China Solar Power Generation Tracking System Technology Application Seminar

The 3rd China Solar Power Generation Tracking System Technology Application Seminar

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05 set 2018
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05 set 2018
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

In order to further explore the application of solar power tracking system and promote the technological innovation and upgrading of photovoltaic photothermal industry,the 3rd China solar power generation tracking system technology application seminar, which is jointly sponsored by CSIQPGC, PGO and ASIASOLAR will be held on 6 Sept in Shanghai. The seminar will jointly discuss the market application of intelligent tracking system technology and the upgrading and development of tracking system enterprises. Welcome solar power field tracking system experts, enterprises, solar power plant investors, Design Research Institute, system integrators, EPC engineering builders and other professionals of industry from domestic and foreign to participate!

As we all know, the early solar power station tracking system is not widely used, Investors are primarily concerned about the stability of the early tracking system, its service life, its maintenance costs, and the expected power generation that can be achieved in the end .With the continuous innovation and progress of technology, the performance and quality of the tracking system has been greatly improved, It not only improves stability, service life, but also tends to be highly integrated, intelligent and convenient, it can significantly increase the power generation, substantially increase the return rate of internal investment of the power station, and greatly shorten the payback period of the investment, it is the inevitable trend of solar power generation, especially photovoltaic system technology development. The tracking system market is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of 15% in the next five years, global shipments of the tracking support will hit 56gw, the market center of gravity will rapidly expand to emerging markets such as Asia and the Middle East from the current Latin America and the United States, with a bright future. Tracking system enterprises how to seize the market opportunities, a wash of the haze of early years and re-rise, help photovoltaic power parity to access the Internet as soon as possible, it is worth looking forward to.

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