SunWize Power & Battery, LLC.

SunWize Power & Battery, LLC.

30893 Ehlen Dr SW Albany, OR 97321
+1 866 8276527
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David Eveland
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Aerel Rankin

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Energy-storage and solar power technologies are higher efficiency, more reliable, more feature filled and lower cost, resulting in the Age of Power Autonomy. SunWize Power & Battery builds autonomous power systems to power off-grid electrical loads. For decades the SunWize brand has forged trails to bring you the most rugged, durable, long-lasting and cost-effective autonomous power options.



  • SWPB (30W - 60...
    30 ~ 60 Wp Policristallino
  • SWPB (80W - 11...
    80 ~ 110 Wp Policristallino
  • SWPB (150W / 12V)
    150 Wp Policristallino
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30 gen 2019