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Conergy AG

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Kaufmannshaus, Bleichenbrücke 10, 20354 Hamburg
+49 4027 1421000
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Conergy is a well-known brand in Australia. Thanks to its affordable price, we recommend this brand for a mid-range installation. They also got a really good support team.

-- Sunelec Pty Ltd.

We, Solar Electrical Services, have been installing Conergy for many years. Their products can be operational for 20 years plus. This German modules have not only significant performance but also quite well support services. We are willing to recommend this brand.

-- , Solar Electrical Services Pty Ltd.

We, Solar Electrical Services, have been using Conergy for many years. Their products are considerably durable. We can use them for more than 20 years. Conergy rails also can be set in various types of roofs. very reliable brand.

-- , Solar Electrical Services Pty Ltd.

We have been using these panels for more than 4 years and we didnt have any problem so far, we think they are really well made and a high quality product. They work well in low light conditions and have a very high efficiency rate. The only con of these panels is that the price is a little bit higher than other brands, but we think they are a good value for your money.

-- , Sammon Electrical Pty Ltd

We use these inverters in our installations because we trust on the brand and we think they manufacture a premium quality product. They are good solid units with high performance. The after sales service is really good as well.

-- , Sammon Electrical Pty Ltd

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