REOO Technology Co., Ltd.

REOO Technology Co., Ltd.

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Cheng'nan Industrial Park, Rudong, Nantong, Jiangsu
+86 513 84105505
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Mike Xu
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Charly Hu
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Shelly Zhu
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Holly Chen

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Tipi di materiali
Ultra Clear Glass, AR Coated Glass, PET Laminato, EVA, Cornici, Celle, Rame, Scatola di Giunzione Silicone, Scatola di Giunzione BIPV, Scatola di Giunzione Smart Module, Scatola di Giunzione Film Sottile, Connettori, Sigillante, Ribbon Piombo, Ribbon di Rame Staganato, Ribbon Senza Piombo, TPT Laminato, KPE Laminato
Vendita a terzi / Produzione per propri moduli
Vendita a terzi /?Venduto ?
Tipo di Cavo
Unipolare, Multipolare
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Monocristallino, Multicristallino

Descrizione dell'azienda

REOO Technology is a expert supplier of solar panel raw material, We manufacture MC4 solar cable connectors with Polycarbonate raw material , we manufacturer solar cable assembly MC4 conenctors with high quality. We exported our MC4 connector to all of world since it's high quality and good after service.
Also we sell Solar cell, PV glass, PV aluminum framer, Backsheet , Junction box and others.


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  • RO156M

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  • RO313
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Aggiornamenti delle Compagnie

25 feb 2019

We are transporting 1000 pieces junction box connectors to India.(

23 feb 2019

we went to Alibaba International station Award Ceremony in Nangtong.We won the award of 'Outstanding E-business company’.We will keep improving ourselves from production quality to afer-service.(

22 feb 2019

We are sending sample of MC4 connector to Italy.Due to the large quantity of order, it is very necessary to let our customers to check the details of productions.(

21 feb 2019

We are shipping solar panel productions to Argentina.(

19 feb 2019

We are shipping our productions to customers in Parkistan.(

18 feb 2019

We finished week days and start providing survice for our customers around the world.(

16 feb 2019

Today our solar panel laminator have reached Albania safely.(

15 feb 2019

We shipped solar panel making machine to Albania today.(

14 feb 2019

Today we are keep perfecting our online sales platform.(

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18 mar 2019