Empire Photovoltaic Systems Pvt Ltd.

Empire Photovoltaic Systems Pvt Ltd.

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Fab City - SEZ, Plot #7A, Survey#114/P, Srinagar Village, Maheshwaram Mandal, Hyderabad R.R. Dist, Telangana - 501359
+91 44 24934440
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EMPIRE SOLAR is a one of the fully automated manufacturers of Crystalline PV Modules from 5Wp to 320Wp in INDIA. The world class manufacturing facility is located in Fab City-SEZ, Hyderabad and spread over 100,000 Sq.ft with expansion plan of 150MWp per annum by March 2017. Established by experienced visionaries with over 25 years of business expertise, EMPIRE SOLAR is known for its integrity in world class manufacturing process with IEC approved raw materials, production equipment from USA and testing equipment from Europe thus producing fine blend of high performance and robust PV modules.

Approved with CE mark by VDE Testing & Certification Institute for export to Europe & 27 other countries as per the EC Directive 2014/35/EU & RoHS-2 compliance by as per Directive 2011/65/EU.
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06 nov 2019