Fronius International GmbH

Fronius International GmbH

Froniusplatz 1, 4600 Wels
+43 7242 2413000
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Tipi di Componenti
Inverter, Sistema di Accumulo, Monitor
Sistema di Accumulo
In Griglia
In Griglia
Power Range (kWp):
Numero di venditori recensiti
Inverter 670 Rivenditori, Sistema di Accumulo 13 Rivenditori, Sistema di Monitoraggio 23 Rivenditori



  • Fronius Galvo
    1.5~3.1 kW In Griglia
  • Fronius Primo
    3~8.2 kW In Griglia
  • Fronius Eco
    25~27 kW In Griglia
  • Fronius Symo
    3~20 kW In Griglia
  • Fronius Symo H...
    3~5 kW In Griglia, Fuori dalla Griglia


Fronius inverters provide absolute security in the transmission of the produced power from the panels to the electrical network. Moreover, their quality guarantees their longevity.

-- 3jSystem

They are very easy to install. The performance of the trifasic inverters from 10 kw is very good. The customer service has always been satisfactory

-- Ehiso Energía S.L.

Their performance is very good and they are very durable. In case of failure the components can easily be replaced so its possible to repair it in situ.

-- , Aplitec Maestrat, S.L.

Its very versatile; maintenance is very quick and easy. Technical service is quite remarkable.

-- Masber Solar S.L

Good for large installations since its inverters have more power than other brands, so we dont need to install many of them, at the end our customers will save money.

-- Ábaco Ambiental, S.L.

This manufacturer is known for its quality and because its products are always updated with the latest technological advances. We trust the brand because it always keeps current certificates of product quality.

-- Instalaciones Frigorificas Solares

We use this brand because their inverters always comply with the current regulations, have galvanic isolation transformers and are tested by external laboratories.

-- , Inelsa, S.L.


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30 ott 2018

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