Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

No. 28 Guangming Road, Shiyan, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
+86 755 27471900
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Dettagli Aziendali

Tipi di Componenti
Inverter, Monitor, Quadro di Stringa
In Griglia, Fuori dalla Griglia, Ibrida
Power Range (kWp):
Numero di venditori recensiti
Inverter 160 Rivenditori, Sistema di Accumulo 2 Rivenditori, Sistema di Monitoraggio 6 Rivenditori



  • Growatt SPH300...
    3~6 kW Ibrida
  • Growatt SPA100...
  • Growatt SPH400...
    4~10 kW Ibrida
  • Growatt SPF 80...
    Fuori dalla Griglia
  • Growatt SPF 40...
    Fuori dalla Griglia
  • Growat SPF 300...
    Fuori dalla Griglia
  • Growatt SPF 20...
    Fuori dalla Griglia
  • Growatt SPF 30...
    Fuori dalla Griglia
  • Growatt 15000-...
    16.6~24.4 kW In Griglia
  • Growatt 8000-1...
    8.8~10 kW In Griglia
  • Growatt MAX 50...
    55.5~88.8 kW
  • Growatt 2500-6...
    2.5~6 kW In Griglia
  • Growatt 17000-...
    18.8~27.7 kW
  • Growatt 3000-6...
    3~6 kW
  • Growatt 7000-1...
    7.7~12.1 kW
  • Growatt 12000-...
    13.2~16.5 kW
  • Growatt 30000-...
    33.3~53.3 kW
  • Growatt 50000-...
    50~60 kW
  • Growatt-2500-5...
    2.5~5 kW In Griglia
  • Growatt 750-30...
    0.75~3 kW In Griglia

Aggiornamenti delle Compagnie

30 mag 2019

Growatt Ranked No.3 in World Single-Phase PV Inverter Supplier - IHS Markit

27 mag 2019

Growatt Receives Best Service Network Solar Inverter Company of the Year

18 mar 2019

Growatt was awarded "Best Selling String Inverter of the Year" in New Delhi, India.

04 mar 2019

Growatt's next generation smart residential inverter, MIN2500-6000TL-X has been approved by Australia's Clean Energy Council (CEC) for installation under the Renewable Energy Certificate scheme.

13 feb 2019

Growatt Donates Inverter to Indore Cancer Foundation's Rooftop Solar Plant Project

03 feb 2019

Growatt has opened its 5th hub in Europe as it continues to target overseas markets. The Rotterdam base adds to existing offices in the UK, Hungary, Germany and Italy.


We use the Sungold series of this brand because it is specially made for the Australian environmental conditions. It is a well known product all around the world that shows a high level of efficiency in a compact design. They are also easy to mount.

-- FGE Solar (Formerly known as Solar SA)



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Repubblica Dominicana
Nuova Zelanda
Africa del Sud
Ultimo Aggiornamento
25 giu 2019

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