Anhui Aotekang New Material Co., Ltd.
(Inside Xinyi Five-Phase Factory) The Cross of Yinhu North Road and Songshan Road, Wuhu, Anhui
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Sistemi di Montaggio
Tipo: Struttura triangolata, Su Tetto, Floating Mount
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Anhui Aotekang New Material Co.,Ltd was founded in 2014, located in Wuhu, Anhui along the Yangtze river.Close to Nanjing Lukou Airport.Our company specializes in design and manufacturing all kinds of FRP products.Now we have more than 150 staff team and 13 fully automatic FRP pultrusion production lines.Our company has 2 state grade patents, 17 new practical paten and won the "high-tech enterprise" in Anhui Province in 2018.Our FRP PV brackets has successfully replaced the traditional steel and AL brackets in the application of PV color steel、flat roof、ground roof and floating system. Therefore, we have established a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship with Xinyi Group and SUNGROW.

Our company has passed “ISO9001:2015quality system” attestation.We have established stable cooperative relations with many authoritative testing institutions. Raw materials and products havepassed ROHS and REACH by SGS. In the selection of raw materials, we insist that there is no qualified product without qualified raw materials. We choose to be the global leader with AOC Lenovo Group (formerly Dismann Composite Material). High quality resin suppliers, CPIC, CTG and other companies cooperate to ensure the quality and performance of our products.

We always try our best to do every detail perfect with high-quality FRP products to winning a blue sky for future generations!

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Sistemi di Montaggio

  • Flat Roof Moun...
    Tetto Piano
  • Floating Mount...
    Installazione Flottante
  • Ground Mountin...
    Montaggio al Suolo
  • Color Steel Tile
    Tetto Piano
Aggiornamenti delle Compagnie
25 set 2019 生产规模:年产1.5万套光伏发电成套支架
18 set 2019 公司目前拥有17个实用新型,2项发明专利,并于2018年荣获安徽省“高新技术企业”,同时受中国光伏行业协会邀请,公司正在参与光伏系统支架行标复合材料系列行标的编制,所生产的玻璃钢光伏支架,在分布式、彩钢瓦屋顶、水上漂浮项目等运用上成功替代了传统的碳钢和铝合金支架。
29 ago 2019 专业从事FRP太阳能光伏支架设计、研发和制造。 产品为耐腐蚀高强的玻璃钢复合材料,产品具有耐腐蚀、质轻、安装方便等特点。通过不断探索和推新,公司通过“ISO9001”质量管理体系认证,并与多家权威检测机构建立了稳定的合作关系,原材料、产品均通过第三方认证.在原材料的选用上,我们坚持没有合格的原料就没有合格的产品,我们选择与AOC力联思集团(前帝斯曼复合材料全球领先的高品质树脂供应商)、CPIC、CTG等公司合作
19 ago 2019 热烈祝贺安徽奥特康新型材料有限公司获得VDE认证证书!
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