Jua Energy Limited

Jua Energy Limited

A2 Building, Tangkeng Industrial, Pingshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong
+86 136 70252596
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Pannello Fotovoltaico per Uso Domestico, Pannello Fotovoltaico Portatile, Carica Batteria per Cellulare, Valigia con Pannello Fotovoltaico, Piccolo Carica Batterie, Torce, Lanterne, Luci da Tavolo, Carica Batterie Integrato nello Zaino, Carica Batterie Universale, Pannello Fotovoltaico Pieghevole o Aarrotolabile, Faretti, Luci da Giardino (Media Altezza), Lampioni, Luce a Muro, Radio/Auricolare, Tastire per PC, Console per Videogiochi, Auricolare Blue Tooth, Radio

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Jua Energy is one of the key player in the off grid energy area,We focusing on the design, manufacture solar lighting and home energy system, as well as build the commercial solar micro grid, street light solution.
We are the member of GOGLA (Golabal off-grid Association) and LG ( Lighting Global Program), our products are strictly qualified by the IEC and Lighting Global standard.
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