ESS Expo 2021

Seoul, Korea
+82 2 7196931
Seoul, Corea del Sud Seoul, Corea del Sud

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16 giu 2021
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18 giu 2021
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Recently, the President of South Korea Moon Jae-in government announced the “Implementation Plan for Renewable Energy”, and it is expected that the introduction of Energy Storage System for Smart Grid is expected to grow by expanding the use of new and renewable energy. The Energy Storage System is not only an innovative storage system, but they also play a very important role in grid stabilization. In order to establish the smart grid, the Korean government has been carrying out support policies such as introducing the ESS utilization rate system, allowing power market exchange of ESS storage power, and weighting the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) when installing ESS at wind power / solar energy power plants since 2016. As of last year, the ESS installation is compulsory for public institutions, and the goal is to introduce and install ESS in all public institutions by 2022.Because of this, we plan to hold ESS Expo with accompanying event which is Energy Storage System World Forum, Seminar of Energy Storage System introduction policy.Main visitors are People involved in system suppliers or manufacturing companies in the new and renewable energy business, People involved in the operation and maintenance of new and renewable energy, People from construction and installation companies of new and renewable energy power plants, People in charge of the design, planning and operation of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and backup power systems, People from SI companies related to battery / Energy Storage Systems and E-mobility, People involved in suppliers and manufacturers of battery /Energy Storage Systems, People involved in solar energy/wind power generation business, People involved in EPC and project development etc.
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